Dear friends and families of North Shore New Life Church,

The wait is over, finally we are able to meet again in our church building. Thank you so much for your patience and prayer.


As our Prime Minister said on Monday, we are allowed to gather up to 100 people for worship.

So we will have our first Service since lockdown on Sunday 31 of May 10am at 24 Akoranga Drive.


However, as you can expect, we will have few changes around the worship service:

Hand Sanitiser
As you come in you will be greeted by our ushers with a hand sanitiser, please apply it properly.

Face Mask
We are so blessed that we have low or no new cases of COVID-19 recently but we know that we are in this for longer term.  Church activity involves with praying, singing and chatting, that means that we have high risk factor along with the fact that we have many people with underlying health condition. Despite of some of our cultural resistance to it, this add extra protection to it for sure. It doesn’t have to be a medical grade mask, any reusable mask would do the job. We have some reusable masks for the ones who could not get hold of them. You can ask for it as you enter in. It will be great that you bring your own mask if you have it.

Sign In
This is a government requirement to have a record of people who came in for worship. There will be QR code system as well as a paper form.

Offering Time
No more passing the baskets around. Either before or after the service put the envelop in the offering box on the backside wall of the auditorium.

Bring Your Own Kids Toy / Pen / Drink Bottle etc.
No more communal kids toys, bring your own toy if your child needs them and do not share your toys with other kids. Simply a good idea not to share your personal belongings with others.

Kitchen Will Be Closed
We will experiment this for few weeks but you can still get water from water cooler with a paper cup.


It’s hard to distinguish the symptoms of flu/cold/COVID-19. If you are unwell, it’s best to stay home. We will be continuing the Facebook Live Stream and put the message on YouTube after the service.

We look forward to seeing you and having fellowship with you in person on Sunday!

Be blessed.

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