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Hi NSNL Church Family,


I hope that you and your family members are well in the midst of Covid19-Omicron situation. 

Since Wednesday's PM announcement about the changes of Covid response traffic light system. 


After our elders' meeting discussion, we have agreed the following decisions. 

Partial Opening for next 2 weeks
27 March & 3 April 2022

  • This means that we carefully get together in person and worship the Lord and have a time of fellowship (Remember the rule change for the vaccine pass will apply from 4th of April). We will continue with our livestream on Facebook as long as this pandemic lasts. 

  • We highly encourage all to be cautious that we won't spread the virus in the church. If you have any symptoms of covid please stay home and join the online service. We also highly encourage all of us to wear facial masks during the service. For those of us whose immune system is compromised or high risk people it may be safer to join our online service but it is up to your decision. 

NSNL Beach Walk
2 April 2022 - 4:30PM

  • We've been cooped up so long, why don't we get together and walk on the beach from Takapuna to Milford. Starting time is 4:30pm at Takapuna Boat Ramp next to the cafe. If the weather turns too difficult, we will email you the night before but make sure you are prepared for the changing weather.

Fully Open Service
from 10 April 2022

  • No more rules and regulations for who can and who can't attend the church service (up to 200 people).  However still Pandemic Common Sense still applies which if you have any covid symptoms please stay home and join the online service. Mask wearing is still very much effective and encouraged. 

Please stay safe and see you tomorrow at church building or online livestream. 

In His Grace

Pastor Jason An

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